We advise on optimizing product development

With our consulting services, we jointly take your product development to the next level.

Through the targeted transfer of best practices and proven concepts, we enable you to benefit from our experience and expertise in all aspects of product development.

When carrying out our consulting services, we place great value on working together as partners. This allows us to tailor all necessary measures to your company and your situation. We develop individual strategies and adapt our recipes for success to your company-specific requirements. Together, we optimize your product development and increase your competitiveness.


Our consulting service packages

Increasing the efficiency of development processes

Process modeling and control

The optimization of development processes is essential in order to guarantee the quality and efficiency of product development. The challenge lies in the design and coordination of complex processes. We support you in configuring and controlling your development processes so that you can continue to develop efficiently in the future.

Elimination of interface deficits

Interaction and orchestration of systems engineering, requirements engineering, hardware and software development, risk management, usability engineering and test engineering

Predictability of development projects

Methodical cost estimation and resource allocation in development to increase costing reliability and adherence to schedules

Digitalization and automation

Introduction of state-of-the-art technologies to reduce manually managed processes

Education and training

Ensuring internal understanding and effective handling of changes

Supporting software tools

Implementation and configuration of customized software tools to achieve systematic process management

Alignment with key performance indicators

Measurement and evaluation of development processes and introduction of continuous improvement methods

Optimization of Technical Documentation (TD)

Targeted and streamlined structuring

Inefficiencies in technical documentation can lead to high costs and slow down your progress. Our aim is to quickly and reliably show you the specific need for action and to integrate targeted measures directly into your documentation. In this way, we combine the highest quality with low costs for efficient medical device development.

Standards and regulations

Reliable implementation and efficient handling of normative and regulatory requirements for technical documentation

No more Word and Excel

Introduction of modern toolchains for the efficient creation and management of technical documentation


Reliable interaction of requirements and test management, implementation of automatically generated traceability tables and status reports on the degree of fulfillment

General Safety and Performance Requirements

Ensuring a smooth interaction between the essential safety and performance requirements and the content of the technical documentation

Single Source of Truth

Consistent implementation of information units and prevention of duplication and contradictions

Product portfolio management

Strategic portfolio management and systems engineering

Medical device manufacturers who want to remain competitive in the world of medical technology and meet the needs of the market at all times must constantly reinvent themselves. We make a virtue out of this necessity and support you in adapting your product range to the state of the art and successfully implementing change processes.

Requirements analysis

Identification of requirements of external stakeholders such as customers or patients and internal stakeholders such as production and service teams

Technology screening and evaluation

Identification and evaluation of existing and new technical processes and solutions; rapid prototyping for agile field tests

Design of system architectures

Optimization in terms of development and production costs, producibility, risk minimization and usability

Complexity reduction

Modularization of products, establishment of a technology platform for the product portfolio, reduction of maintenance and downtimes

Technology leadership

Development of competitive advantages through trend analyses and concepts for core technologies

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