Active Medical Products

We breathe life into medical technology

At AcesoMed, we can’t do anything with standing still. That’s why we prefer to deal with active medical devices.

Active medical products are medical devices that are powered by an energy source; usually in the form of an electrical voltage from a battery or the power grid (MDR Article 2 Sentence 4). Examples include diagnostic devices such as blood glucose meters or ultrasound equipment, therapeutic devices such as ventilators or infusion pumps, or monitoring devices such as patient monitors.

The development of active medical devices is fundamentally different from that of passive products. We bring a deep understanding of the specific requirements and many years of experience in the development of active medical devices.

Aktive Medizinprodukte

Our development approach for active medical devices

The development of active medical devices presents us with unique challenges. Because they interact directly with the patient, strict safety standards must be met. In addition, they usually consist of mechanical components such as housings or valves, electronic components such as sensors, actuators or microcontrollers, and mostly contain software components responsible for controlling, evaluating and communicating the device functions. Therefore, they require a comprehensive integration of mechanics, electronics and software. As specialists in active medical technology, AcesoMed follows the approach of systematic product development and work with passion to create complex active medical devices.

Mechanics and design

Precision meets innovation
Our designers and mechatronics engineers design assemblies according to your specific requirements. Using rapid prototyping techniques, we can quickly and accurately create prototypes to validate design ideas and develop optimized medical device solutions. This allows us to efficiently respond to customer feedback and realize high-quality mechanical components that combine functionality, aesthetics and usability.

Application examples

Equipment technology

Drive trains

Housing design

Industrial design

Actuators and motors

Injection molding

Fluid mechanics

Conveyor technology

Rapid Prototyping

Additive manufacturing processes


State-of-the-art technology for sophisticated devices
On behalf of our customers, we develop electrical and electronic circuits that are precisely tailored to their specific needs. In this way, we ensure the highest performance, reliability and safety of the medical devices we develop. Our extensive experience ranges from the seamless integration of small sensors to the development of complex, multilayer circuit boards.

Application examples

Circuit design

Circuit simulation

PCB layout

Control engineering

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)

Prototype circuit boards

Measurement techniques


TI, STM, Microchip, Atmel, Altera, Freescale, NXP, etc.

Control elements

Keys, display, touch screen, etc.

Embedded software

Intelligent solutions seamlessly integrated
Application-specific embedded software is an integral part of active medical devices. Our embedded software development is closely interlocked with the rest of our development departments to achieve smooth integration of the software with the hardware. This enables us to develop reliable, error-free and efficient software solutions that are optimally adapted to the specific requirements of the medical devices; of course in compliance with the requirements of IEC 62304.

Application examples

Microcontroller-based device control systems

Multi-processor systems

Integrated Real-time Operating Systems (RTOS)

Complex embedded systems

Graphical User Interfaces (GUI)


Specifics of active medical device development

Norms and standards

A key aspect of active medical device development is compliance with the EN 60601-1 family. These standards define the basic safety and performance requirements that active medical devices must meet. At AcesoMed, we rely on rigorous quality control and testing to ensure that our products meet the highest international standards and guarantee absolute safety.


Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)

Another important aspect is ensuring electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection. Active medical devices must be able to function stably in environments with electrical and magnetic interference without compromising their accuracy and safety. AcesoMed’s engineers have extensive experience in EMC and ESD optimization to ensure that the active medical devices we develop operate reliably under all conditions.


System architecture

System architecture plays a critical role in the development of active medical devices. It includes the careful integration of sensors, actuators, control systems and communication interfaces. Through a well thought-out system architecture, we ensure the smooth cooperation of all components and create robust and efficient solutions.

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