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Software development in medical technology: Internship and bachelor's thesis

Marc Praktikant Softwareentwicklung

Marc, 23

Intern for software development

What are you studying and why did you choose this path?

»I’m studying for a bachelor’s degree in digital media in Fulda. Because I was enthusiastic about computers from an early age and I enjoy logical thinking, it was an obvious choice to go in the direction of computer science. The digital media studies also bring along a creative component which is the perfect combination for me.«

Why did you decide to do your internship at AcesoMed GmbH?

»The first point of contact with AcesoMed was, of course, the job advertisement I came across online. It conveyed a relaxed startup atmosphere and I could imagine that I would have fun at work. At the same time, I found the medical technology field exciting because it’s characterized by higher requirements and there is no room for error. My digital job interview ultimately confirmed my first impression and my decision for AcesoMed GmbH was quickly made.«

What excites you about your job?

»In general, computer science and software development mean problem solving to me. You can get stuck for days and then suddenly come across the solution. That gives you a really good feeling. At AcesoMed, software development was my main task, but I also took care of design aspects and a usability study. That made my workday versatile and I didn’t just sit in front of the screen. When it comes to usability, you have to put yourself in other people’s shoes and have direct contact with the user, which is something that is usually missing in computer science.«

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What makes working at AcesoMed GmbH special for you?

»Thanks to the flexible working hours and the trust of my colleagues, I was able to arrange my work in the way that suited me best. Hence, I was able to organize myself self-reliant with a clear conscience. I was also allowed to work independently on my actual tasks early on, while my colleagues were there to support me. I was constantly learning new things without being overwhelmed; I was thrown in at the deep end, so to speak, but in a good way. Concerning communication and cooperation with colleagues, I would say that there is a really relaxed atmosphere. If you have a question, you can just call across the table and everyone is available for a casual conversation. The bosses are part of the team in the daily work and everyone is equal, which gave me a good feeling.«

You wrote your bachelor’s thesis in our company. What was that like for you?

»Basically, it was important to me that my bachelor’s thesis not only revolves around theoretical considerations but also has practical relevance. That seemed more meaningful to me, plus there’s more pressure to deliver good quality because the results of my thesis will be used in real life.«

»I agreed on the topic of my bachelor’s thesis with my supervisor at AcesoMed GmbH and with my tutor. Afterwards, I started researching and writing on my own. To stay on track, I had reviews with my supervisor at regular intervals. On the one hand, he was able to give me feedback from the company’s point of view, and on the other, I benefited from his experience in scientific work. So I had a free hand in writing my thesis, but at the same time it was relevant to practice and close to the company. From my point of view, a win-win for me and AcesoMed.«

What tip do you have for job seekers and other interns?

»I would advise everyone to search for a little longer and get to know the companies better than to make rash decisions. It pays off in the long run.«

Thanks a lot for your superb support, Marc. We are happy to keep you as a working student!

« I think variation is important and fortunately my work at AcesoMed was really diverse! »
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Caro, 22
Intern for development & design