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MR compatible devices

Non-magnetic medical products for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

The core competence of AcesoMed GmbH is the development of non-magnetic medical technology suitable for MRI (also called “anti-magnetic”). In order to obtain artifact-free images by means of MRI and to ensure a safe examination procedure, the use of medical devices specially designed for this application is necessary. 

What constitutes an MR compatible device?

Devices for use in magnetic resonance imaging must meet three functional requirements:
1) They must not be attracted to the strong magnetic fields in the MRI.
2) They must function properly in the MRI.
3) They must not interfere with the MRI imaging.

We master the requirements of MRI-compatible medical devices and bring your product into the MRI!

Alternative actuators

In order to design an MRI-compatible device, we do not use electric motors because their ferromagnetic components are unsuitable for use in MRI. We are experts in using alternative actuators such as piezo motors, shape memory alloys, dielectric elastomers and other electroactive polymers.

Piezo motors

Among alternative actuators, piezo motors are the most advanced industrially, for example in the form of traveling wave motors. AcesoMed GmbH is well-versed in the use of piezo motors and is already successfully developing medical products based on them.

Driver circuits

Piezo motors and dielectric elastomers are operated with high voltages. We provide these voltages in MRI with non-magnetic transformers and develop driver circuits for piezo motors.

Voltage transformers

In many medical electrical devices, voltages have to be converted. In ordinary medical devices, transformers can be used for this purpose; in MR compatible devices, this is not possible due to the iron cores. We develop non-magnetic voltage transformers without ferromagnetic components.

MR compatibility verification

According to IEC 62570, ASTM F2503-05, and the FDA Guidance “Testing and Labeling Medical Devices for Safety in the Magnetic Resonance (MR) Environment”, medical devices can be “MR Safe”, “MR Unsafe” or “MR Conditional”. We verify MRT compatibility and perform tests according to ASTM F2052 and other relevant standards together with external testing laboratories.

MRI signs